International Award Winning   Photographer & Artist
August Naude

Inspired by my dearest wife, Jolanda...

 Learning from my late father, photography and arts in general, had become my “other world” from the age of ten. Over the next four decades, this “other world” continued to grow and expand and I spent lots of time there, even as I was building a successful career in the ICT corporate world. For all those years, I have learnt to appreciate the little things that define the worlds and experiences of others... That is what I try to capture through my lens: those little things that signal special moments and find true emotions in the eyes.

After retiring from the corporate ICT world, I started to expose my dream world and - more importantly - to share my art; doing shoots and photo art over the full spectrum of life with low-key and grunge photography becoming my focus while capturing the souls of creations through the lens...

Whilst living this dream life, I graduated with distinction at the New York Institute of Photography, specializing in Intense Portrait Photography. After graduating, I stumbled upon a very talented guy based in Asheville, NC, called Sebastian Michaels. I did his online course in Creative Black & White Photography, which was simply awesome! That was followed by the Photoshop Artistry course – also by Sebastian. His motivational and creative ways of training, triggered a complete mind shift for me: from being a photographer to rather living and creating art. In this I strive to capture the true passion for living the moment. And through that also finding myself. It was a natural progression for me to join his follow-up training called Awake – Living the (Photo) Artistic Life... Actually, this was not training but rather an exercise in positioning myself within the realm of true photo art. While participating in this amazing experience, I was requested to act as a coach to the next student intakes which is also proving to be a great success.

Around the same time, I joined a select group of 500 photographic artists around the world in the Kaizen programme. This offers me the opportunity to learn from my peers across the world while contributing to the development of some of them. To me, this is cross-pollination in the true sense of the word and I believe it is amplifying my art. In addition to this, I am also one of the photo jurors for “Foto Arte II”, based in Brazil.

Quite a number of my compositions were published in various international magazines, i.e "Living the Photo Artistic Life - Pushing Photography Further", “GSP Digital Magazine”, EYE Photo Magazine - Selected EYE Catching Moments as well as "Fine EYE Magazine" and then obviously the catalogues of the exhibitors mentioned below.

During 2017, I was one of a selected few artists who participated in ten international art exhibitions in Sicily & San Benedetto in Italy, Athens, Scottsdale in Arizona and Palm Springs in California - what an inspiration that proved to be for me! Throughout 2017 I was also privileged to have received a number of international awards.

I hope this short biography conveys the message that to me this is not business, it is living my art... My websites will hopefully reflect my awakening and I hope you will notice my ongoing evolvement.​..

Thank you for having a look at my work which evolves daily:​ (United States orders)