International Award Winning   Photographer & Artist
August Naude
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Welcome to August Naude Photography & Photo Artistry
I offer location and studio photography services over a broad spectrum of life with studio work and photo artistry  being my core business.
On my website you will find quite a number of artistic compositions or what I refer to as photo artistry. The beauty of this is that you can either buy these or actually let me do a similar photoshoot of or for you. I then design a similar artefact for you personally, with you or your loved ones being the beautiful subject(s). 
Photos and photo artistry on my site are all for sale on various media, e.g acrylic, canvas, aluminium and wood. The products can be framed as well. Since there are many sizes and media available, you are welcome to engage with me for enquiries and/or quoting as per your personal and individual  needs using the Contact  tab.